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fire pit and water feature
built-in grill
inside-out transition
3d rendering
grill fire pit and water feature
built-in grill and bar
water wall feature
fire pit and water feature
fire pit and water feature
electric snowmelt system
electric snowmelt system

Perhaps the smallest outdoor living space we've designed yet. But size does not matter, for this backyard held a powerful potential! This design has the tendency to make one feel at home, whether sitting inside the home, around the bar at the built-in grill, or cozying up around the fire pit and water feature. The slate patio helped to bring the inside feel to the outdoors, and wintery access to the detached garage was made simple with an electric snowmelt system. An overhead pergola was added to protect against blazing heat, and provided opportunity for the installation of an outdoor sound system complete with subwoofer. A unique style water feature was designed to fill a large blank space on the garage wall, while providing a beautiful focal point from inside the house. The outdoor lighting and fountain are both controlled by switches located inside the house and garage.
Features: Fire Pit, Water Feature, Built-in Grill and Bar, Pergola, Slate Patio, Electric Snowmelt System, Lighting, Infrared Heaters, Outdoor Speakers, Raised Planters
Location: Denver
Designer: Stephen Himschoot